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Divestiture Management Office (DMO)

As PM's sometimes come across new terms in business and finance, came a cross this term that I want to share... Divestiture Management Office (DMO)

Feel free to comment if you consider.

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Divestiture Management Office (DMO) is the glue that holds a divestiture together. It is the nerve center of the effort. It serves as the central touch point for every function and individual involved, and it must be specifically designed to meet the needs of the deal it serves. A DMO staffed by experienced resources with a common timeline and methodology is necessary to ensure the divestiture stays on course and the individuals involved in the effort focus on the right activities at the right times.

To succeed, a governance structure must be in place to align people, process, and systems with divestiture and separation objectives. This is the role of the Divestiture Management Office (DMO).

Not too sure, but this could be more specific to portfolio management.

Not sure either

I have not heard of it and agree that it sounds similar already to other MO's

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