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Leading Business-Led Digital Transformation - PMO?

I've been reading much more lately about CIOs utilizing low-code platforms to embrace Citizen Development in supporting IT to drive digital transformation (process improvement/automation), and not just from customers.

According to Gartner, a citizen developer is a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT) - and typically resides in the Line of Business.

These initiatives seem to be typically driven from Central Ops, the PMO, and/or Central IT or the business unit IT groups. Given the size of this community, was interested in hearing from you what you are seeing. Is the PMO driving, or supporting citizen development efforts to build business applications to solve tier II and tier III type business process issues/applications (non mission critical or those that require a lot of governance, but some governance)?

If the PMO is driving or supporting these efforts, what tools are you utilizing? Platforms - such as aPaaS? Multiple onpremise tools like MS Project integrated with disparate point solutions? Most interesting responses may spur an interview opportunity on The Fast Track publication if you'd like to share your story.

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Your query on whether PMO drives it (OR) supports is surely thought provoking. Let me mix and match my experience in this regard and welcome others to comment or share their views. Having served large PMO organizations and having led few digital transformation projects, my take on your query is that PMO acting as an embodiment of various strategies in bringing digital transformation in an organization. However, the level of those PMO organizations' participation truly depends on the PMO's maturity level and real time application of modern mythologies, frameworks, tools and techniques combined with updated knowledge.

Hence, to me there is no one single way or recommendation that PMO has to drive it (OR) to support digital transformation initiatives and programs. Ideally, PMO has to do both. All, again these depend on PMO's maturity in an organization and forget not that continued Top Management and leadership support to PMO is very crucial and critical success factor which dictates the participation level of PMO in any decisions that are made in this regard,


I tend to agree with Ramanan. As PMs (or PgMs, or PMO, or PPM), our role is to help the business in formulating its digital strategy by contributing our knowledge and PM skills. However, once the strategy has been decided upon by the business (typically at the "C" level), our role is drive the tactics to achieve the strategy in as short a time as practical given the rate of evolution of digitization in the business and the significant change management impact.

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