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Can one solution address the needs of multiple different types of projects (product development and non-product development)?

We are looking for a solution that will address this unique need: increase visibility into projects and their performance across all organizational levels (from leadership to project team) while allowing for flexibility in managing project work across multiple different types of projects – including software product development projects that currently use Atlassian products (used for project work management) and Aha! (used for product management). We are considering Mavenlink and Smartsheet since we are committed to the Atlassian and Aha! products. We are an educational non-profit so cost is a constraint. Thanks for your recommendations!
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Yes it can. Being from ITES, I can agree on this. Smartsheet is a good option.

Take a look at


You should have a look at PROJECT in a box, our methodology led approach enables you to define multiple different process approaches for the different types of projects you deliver. This can include different processes, templates, guidance and reporting structures. We provide many standard models off the shelf but you can customize to match your needs or create your own bespoke approaches. The system also then helpfully rolls up all your data to project, program and portfolio levels.

Have a look at and if you like I would be more than happy to show you around how it works. We have some free tools you can explore including the Community Edition methodology tool and we provide significant discounts to NFP/charity organisations.

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What we have found is that we centralized our planning on a single set of tools (a suite) rather than try and fit a round circle into a square hole. We also worked on defining both our processes and data acquisition so that the tools were able to produce the desired results. We took some COTS and, utilizing their APIs, piped the data into a bespoke dashboard solution.

Since cost is a factor, you mention, you might want to look into ways of aggregating the data you already have within the systems you are utilizing. You might be able to find a few freelance developers to help put something together. A good look at the processes and what you are trying to measure (define metrics) is a good first step.

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