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The part of project management in Life sciences.

An interesting lecture in Science Mag:

As all scientists, finding great scientific hypotheses to solve tricky problematics of life sciences is the first step of our work. But transcribe these ideas and write grants to convince foundations / governmental institutions to support our researches is, nowdays, one of the major challenge. I’m wondering what is the impact of the implementation of PM techniques on scientific processes and what is the real part of marketing and political relationships compared to clear ideas of project management?

Does some of you want to share opinions or scientific histories?


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The problem with the article is that it's almost fifteen years old! I expect project management in the sciences world has probably progressed since the article.

How relevant is the article in 2016?

I still see engineering companies that are looking for "project managers" with an engineering degree but without any project management experience, skills or certification.

thanks for answer. I expected too but i'm not sure of the evolution of certified PMs in life science

That's why i'm looking for inputs.

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