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My Question is : There are multiple project manager in organization with few of them already PMP certified. We have an existing controlled Departmental Procedure for project management to follow on the processes and it established well with continuous improvements. Few weak areas are still identified where few team members are not following the processes, but delivery of the project is controlled to extent. Organization is growing. Proposing / Implementation of PMO will succeed in this type of organization structure ? . If Yes, what type of PMO is suggested and how to start with the Implementation process. Could you please give your expert opinion on the this ?
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I think this is a great question and am looking forward to seeing the responses. The company I work for sounds like it is in a similar scenario.

These might help -

Thanks Anupam Ganguly for the link. Its useful link.
Discussions with key stakeholders to survey on the requirement and to jolt down on the roles expectation is being arranged. Hope to see the positive outcome.

The problem is not about a well or not well stablished project management environment. The poblem is to solve a business problem. I mean to address an strategic need. For example, if your organization is in the organization life cycle named "growth" then forget about to implement a PMO because the strategic driver in that phase is "making money". The second point to take into account is the organizational architecture.

Rangavittal, agreed with Sergio.

PMOs can be used to solve certain business problems. Do you have a problem or problems that you want to solve, or do you want to perhaps avoid a future problem by creating a PMO? If you define the business need / PMO's business objective(s), then perhaps this discussion can help you find the right PMO type for addressing it

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