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Yerkes-Dodson Law in Project Management Exams
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It is completely natural to feel anxious about exams. In fact, a degree of anxiety is probably useful to improve performance. Research first done by Yerkes and Dodson suggests that, up to a certain point, stress usually improves performance (, 2016).
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What is desirable, of course, is to keep your level of exam stress at the ‘useful’ level, and not let it get too high. This handout describes three ways you might manage exam anxiety: by being healthy, by being prepared and by being realistic (, 2016).
I couldn't agree more. During my Cheetah Learning course I realized how it is important to be healthy, prepared and realistic to face difficult exams. As a matter of fact, those guidelines apply to everything in one's life. We cannot control the stress we face, but we can control to be healthy enough to face difficult times, to be well prepared in information about the important subjects on our lives and to be realistic about how good we are, our advantages and disadvantages.
I always tell people that you should have butterflies before you perform: play, singing, speech, ... This provides you with nervous energy you can use. It also is an indication that you care about the performance.
This law is a news for me. First time reading the law and completely agree
I agree, anxiety improves performance, and tasks that don't cause anxiety are usually not something that will help us advance, but something that we are very used to do, probably too used to.
I guess this applies across work streams and not just exams. A lot of consulting firms have this "hidden criteria" in their job descriptions as the "Ability to deliver under stress". A consulting firm I worked for had this and to be honest, it bought out the best in me.
Is the first time that I listen about it. I know the feeling and how to use it to improve any performance. Now I know that it has a name. Thank you for sharing.

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