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Starting up a PMO at the State Government Level
I've begun the process of championing the creation of a program management office at the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). Since the early 70's MDOT has been unique in incorporating all elements of transportation (our port, airports, highways and bridges, transit, drivers licensing and registration) under one umbrella.

We have some extraordinary program managers in each of our modes but a much less robust structure for enabling senior leadership to participate in actively supporting and managing program management efforts. I know that this is a steep climb, but would be very interested in engaging with fellow PMPs who are setting, or have set up, a PMO in an organization of this size, scale and complexity in the public sector (~5k employees, ~$6B annual budget).
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I don't personally have experience with this type of startup, but a quick search on the terms 'PMO public sector' on this site yielded some good results. I am listing one here:
I would be interested in helping with the set up of your PMO. It is not an easy task but it can be done. On the client site I helped to establish the PMO for a software development modernization project. Currently I am working in Process Management at the same client site. I would be interested in finding out what your needs are and the goals. Since change takes time it is best to evaluate what is being done now and how it can be improved and then eventually changed. Thanks!

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