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Sites for Resume/Profile building & Job Portals?
Hello Leaders,

I want to give my resume a makeover. Could you please suggest top free/paid sites?

Just to give little background, I am from IT industry, started initially as software developer/analyst, currently into business analysis, hold PMP certification, and aspire to be full fledge PM.

Also, please recommend Job Portals I can place my profile (e.g. US/Canada/Australia/NZ/EU etc.)

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Job boards that have been best for me: Careerbuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn. Other places to post your resume: Monster, Dice, Craigslist (remove name, address, contact info on CL posting).

I'd recommend setting up a separate email account just for your job boars stuff, you will get a LOT of spam/non-relevant job postings that don't match your skills. My job board email gets 6-7 emails a MINUTE.

As far as resume writing services, I've heard good things about my perfect resume, but have not used them.
Linkedin is very helpful. Also try Linkedin xray, you get more options there.

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