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PM Software Recommendations Based on Listed Goals

Both my company and I are new to PM. Keeping in mind the following background and goals listed below, what are your recommendations for PM software? Any additional resources or related information would be appreciated as well.

Project Background:
I am in a new role managing projects that are essentially different events my company organizes and runs. I have different events that re-occur: every year, every two years, and every three years. The complexity of these events requires the entire time preceding each event for completing the multitude of required tasks. While the launch dates for these events are fixed, many of the preceding tasks have a flexible span of time they can be completed in. These events involve the completion of tasks from multiple departments- many of which have cross-departmental dependencies.

Goals for PM Software:
Increase the transparency and collaboration among traditionally isolated departments
Chart and organize the many tasks in many departments that can span multiple years
Hold team members accountable to tasks and deadlines
Overlay all the occurring events/projects to examine activities occurring simultaneously
Once an event has occurred; use the previously created project plan as a template for future event re-occurrences

Thank you!
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Recommended –

1. MS Project
2. JIRA by Atlassian
3. Smartsheet
4. Teamwork Projects
5. Asana

Other tools you can research –

1. Wrike
2. Podio
3. Basecamp
4. Freedcamp
5. Trello
6. VersionOne
7. Assembla
8. Mavenlink
10. Zoho
11. Redbooth
12. iMeet Central
13. Pelago Intervals
14. Team Pulse
15. Planbox Work

Hi Lydia, in addition to the tools above, I suggest looking at GamePlan. There's a 1 minute video overview at
It meets the 5 goals you have listed and because it has a visual interface to a Gantt chart schedule, it's very easy to learn and use.

Lydia, seems like a fairly normal sort of requirement for a greenfield implementation, you might like to look at PROJECT in a box, we have helped lots of organisations take that scary step of adopting a new tool and are used to making it relatively easy. In fact we even have free versions so you can try it all out without having to commit a cent.

If you already have some of your plans in MS Project or some other tool you can either continue to use that or load them in and PROJECT in a box will pull them all together for you.



Hi Lydia,

One of the problems is that the number of options is overwhelming. I wrote a blog post here: which might help. Otherwise, you could use something like Capterra to see what's out there and what people who actually use them think about them.

Good luck hunting,

Hi Lydia,
First of all you have to increase project management concept in your organization. softwares are only tools. until you dont know how to use it, they are useless.

If you are going down the software development process, I would recommend looking into a tool like JIRA Agile or Mantis Issue tracker to help you keep track of your progress as well as enter any new items that pop up along the way.

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