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Do you think BIM will be mainstream Design application in construction by 2020
Building Information Modeling - Applications are gaining huge attention these days Do you think they will be mainstream application used by 2020.
3d Designs, Time and cost integrations, Resouce allocation, Data recording, communications, reports, Project integration are some of the few available and are having a huge impact.
Please share your view on how do you see this application post-2020?
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I think so. We have used it on several larger projects and it has definitely proven its value, for NEW CONSTRUCTION. We do a lot of remodels and renovations, and I don't think most organizations will commit to BIM their existing facilities - as-built drawings are barely maintained in most cases.
They will definitely gain traction but their integration with other project management applications (Primavera, MSP, etc.) has still got a long way to go. As it is there is currently a gaping chasm between them. It is also only fair to say that BIM has been in existence for a long, long time though not always as a software application. Organizations have been doing it by manually updating drawings or through AutoCad and such. The integration of BIM with Planning is the next step I think.

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