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Communication skills

Unquestionably communication skills give great power to those who have them.

See a small excerpt from the book by Chris Anderson, president of TED: "Ants shape the conduct of each other through the exchange of chemical substances. We do the same when we to stand in front of others, look at them, gesturing and makes strange sounds. The human communication is a true wonder. Unconsciously, we practice it every day ... ".

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Communication is not something that comes naturally, it is something you have to learn. It is a process of sending and receiving information, in other words it helps to spread knowledge and information among people. It is the foundation for all connections. It plays an important role in life as well as in business.

Typically, when people communicate, there may be chances of misunderstanding, feeling of being cornered, loss of words, a strong reaction, etc.

How to develop communication skills?

By showing empathy, active listening, being precise, asking the right questions, allowing other to express, identifying signposting words, understanding cultures (high & low context), being open, flexible, and resilience, valuing differences, building trust & relationships, base communication on facts, and avoiding false perception for self and others.

How to develop communication skills
-i think the best way is a teambuiling and a communication training

Love the question....

This afternoon I'm interviewing an author named Tim David about a book he wrote on influence. Interestingly, he has a meta-theme throughout the book that communication is not the same as connection. He suggests that we put too much emphasis on the "it's not WHAT you say but HOW you say it" mantra, and not enough on how the message was received.

I suppose it's a bit of what George Bernard Shaw was trying to get to when reportedly saying, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

I think communication is not only about speaking to and hearing from your team, it’s about understanding the complete message.

As a PM, you have to be there for the team, you have to deal with real challenges of the project, also being present, visible and engaged with everyone is important during good and bad times.

I agree with Anish.

Communication is an act of transferring information. Communication of information accurately, clearly and as intended, is vital for effective communication. Being active listener, providing feedback, asking relevant questions/ clarification, giving positive signals of non-verbal communication, understanding the meaning of words and it's context and being open minded are good communication skills.

All you need to know about this topic is here: The Mathematical Theory of Communication (ISBN 0-252-72546-8), Claude Shannon. All the other things, like the statement you post, when you analyze it in the context of new world, are mere statements from people like most of the time trying to sell something. For example, returning to the ants, do you know that there are studies from quantum physics performed by some novel price physics about we could perform the same communication, including some experiments at quatum level has demostrate it? (at quantum level, not at large scale level). So, I hope pseudo gurues stop to talk and contribute to the general confusion.

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