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Is PMBOK beneficial for people working in non Project Management roles as well?

My question is from everyone who has studied the PMBOK and have found something good out of it even if he works in Project Mangaement related field or not.

Is PMBOK something for the project managers only or it can be used for a larger audience?
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Hello Abdul,

i would say that everybody who is working in a project-related field can benefit from the PMBoK Guide and even if you have absolutely nothing to do with projects you can pick single processes and adopt them to your specific work.

So, the answer to your question from my perspective is absolutely YES.

I agree with Markus

Each person in this world is performing project management each day of her/his life. I teach a lot of courses with this orientation. To do that, I used practical exercises like to plan a wedding. So, the PMBOK can be used for those people who are aware to know "where could I find a checklist with all things I could have into account in my next endeavour?".

I think that any person who is good at organizing the many aspects of their personal and work life can absolutely benefit from the concepts in the PMBOK. If you are oriented to managing then the skills when applied will improve the planning, managing and controlling components of work and life.

If you are not already oriented that way then using the PMBOK and project management skills would help in the understanding of why success is not attainable in managing or completing their work assignments or life projects.

For sure PMBOK could be useful for everyone who needs project management related processes even at Business level (for example, Risk Management, Cost Management, ...).
But I don't believe PMBOK can be useful in the private life domain!

There is some element of project in routine works also. If you have attitude to convert day to day work in form of project and knows tools & processes of project, you will be effective and efficient in other non project work as well so I can say PMBOK is applicable to routine works as well.

We opened the PMBOK learning to anyone associated with our project teams just so they can see things in a bigger picture and decide if that is a career path they would like to take too.

Answer to your question from my perspective is absolutely YES

Sorry I need a clarification, what it means large audience? If I give my PMBOOK, to a friend, I think that without help he will not understand how to plan a weeding or vacations using it.

Maria, agree that the occasional user will be overwhelmed by the sheer size and formal language of PMBoK Guide. But there are many books relying on PMBoK guide which help them concentrate on the things they need, and which probably use PMBoK terminology and concepts. A good example are the PMIEF materials for teaching PM at schools.
1 reply by Mayte Mata-Sivera
Dec 06, 2016 9:41 AM
Mayte Mata-Sivera
@Thomas W. PMIEF has amazing resources, I've discovered it few months ago, in a discussion post. How amazing is this community.
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