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How to align strategy with action?

Is there a best practices that we can make use of to avoid some rework.
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Check this article

The more we work on abstract ideas we get more rework, the only way to reduce such rework is doing rework early and often so we do not have to do it at end.

Agile based approaches are gaining ground because of this need only. May like to explore our introductory program on agile for free.

I wold say the first obvious step is to communicate with the execution team, Agile make that append.

There is a whole industry working and getting payed for that question.
PMI has several answers, including operational project management and governance.

The question should be "how to align action with strategy" as the strategy comes first. Thomas is correct that PMI has several answers especially in its "Pulse of the Profession" series and thought leadership papers. Go to:

The UK PMI Chapter has a series of PowerTalks on this subject that are recorded and available free to watch afterwards. Watch the last one here:

While I performed conferences, articles, training around the world on this topic, besides is my daily work inside the organization I am working right now, let me explain in this way (a short explanation). Think about your personal life. Which way you answer to your environment stimulus? The way you answer is your strategy, thinking that, as for organizations, your strategy is intended to survive, growth and developt in the current environement. When you decide the way you answer to your environment stimulus then you have to decide the actions you will take in accordance to your strategy. Here is when action plans arrives. Action plans is about to decide what/when/how/who (beside you) and most of the times how much. You can name them project.

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