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Cultural importance in managing projects across the geography

Managing stake holders expectation is beyond the project objective in cases, where regional practices on cultural and behavioral aspects supersedes project management..
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Sorry Sameer but I disagree in one point. Culture and dehaivor as part of project management. Each time a project is started is because a transformation will occur in whole organization because a solution to a business problem will be created by the project. So, the project manager has to work closelly to the business analyst to understand the whole impact. For example, in our case, the business analyst use the Tom PeterĀ“s Seven S model to define the business problem and business requirements making a gap between the today and future state of the organization. Somebody with project management skills has to participated because the results will be the basement to define the solution and create the business case. I have written an article that perhaps helps to somebody (

It depends on the geographical location, and the nature of project. If anything is not as per the plan, ethics and professional conduct bring it to the notice, or look for new opportunities.

Totally agree with Sergio

Agree with Sergio, if you are managing project that involves different cultures and behaivor your results will be closely linked to your skill to manage those differences

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