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(Help for thesis) Mixing EVM with contingency budget management
I am Andrea, an Italian student of Industrial engineering at Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) close to the master graduation.

I am carrying out a master thesis project, supervised by my project management professor, focused on a mathematical model which optimize the Earned Value Management (EVM) model about the estimation of the project cost at completion (CEAC), through non-linear cost growth curves, instead of “classic S-shaped curves” and including contingency budget variations.

In order to demonstrate the model reliability, I am looking for projects data (general projects, even though those often are important works like infrastructures, power plants, etc.,) which comply with the EVM, a cost report showing a monthly/annual accuracy (according to the duration) that indicates for each time period: BV (budget value), AC(actual cost), EV(earned value) e CC(cost contingency consumption), that is the consumption of the risk-related budget, just in case this is showed separately with respect to the main budget.

Up to now, all the people I have contacted cannot send me data because of their firms’ non-disclosure agreements and ethical codes, so I would kindly ask you, in the case some of you possess the above mentioned data and you are able to release them, if there is the possibility to help me for my thesis project or if you may give me some contact of someone who you think could help me.

Thank you for the attention!

Greetings, Andrea.
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Andrea, good luck in your search, from my point of view will be a little difficult to give you this kind of information, usually all this stuff is confidential.

For my master thesis close in Chemical Engineering I had the same issues looking for the information, my recommendation is look for a companies near to your university, try to contact them, schedule a meeting, explain your situation...sometimes smalls companies are proud that someone ask something to them, and will give you the information, others you can sing a confidentiality agreement and compromise to don't show the company name...anyway good luck!
Andrea good luck.
I would go with Maria suggestion go to smaller company usually more flexible.
Can't the university support you in getting company to supply information? with none disclosure.
Andrea, try searching for case studies, there is lot of information available.

Good luck!!

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