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Certifying as a PMI-ACP.

Have Project Managers had success with self (online Agile training classes) or obtained better results from attending in-person classes? I am interested in certifying as a PMI-ACP. I attended a 4 day boot camp for the PMP in the past and did well. I always like the opportunity to ask questions in an instructor led class.

Thank you for your input.

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I have the certfication. I did not attend to any preparation course. PMI-ACP is a generic certification where you have to know in theory and practice about agile software development methods. I have both. And the basement is to read what is listed inside the "Reference List" document.

No doubt boot camp is better choice, but at the same time few other factors need to be considered - training adaptability, convenience, cost, participant engagement, etc.

William, for better decision you may visit the success stories of recent test takers:

I am planning for ACP exam as well, i always prefer online training due to flexibility and you can proceed at your own pace , for regular instructor led training it is very hard for me to follow due to busy schedule.

I am also a fan of online courses so i am allowed to learn on my own speed and when and wherever i want.
But a live class could also be very benefitial.

I would recommend this online course:

Agile Prep Cast:

you may try it for free here:

Free Agile PrepCast:

Getting PMI-ACP Certified in 5 Steps:

1. Working Experience in Projects (2000 hours - not needed if PMP certified) and Working Experience in Agile Projects (1500 hours); refer to the PMI ACP Handbook:

2. Obtain 21 Contact Hours of Agile Education
- therefore you may use the online PMI-ACP Exam prep course which is excellent in quality. If you already a PMP the Agile PrepCast also gives you 37 PMP PDU for my PMP re-certification as a bonus ! Agile Prep Cast: ?

3. Fill the online PMI?ACP Certifcation application form and schedule the PMI?ACP Exam;

4. Study for the PMI?ACP Exam; Reference List:

= Hint: You do not need to study all those books from the reference list; the Agile PrepCast provide you the essence of all of these ?

? Recommended Prep Book for ACP-Exam: RMC PMI-ACP Exam Prep Book by Mike Griffiths ?
Alternative: The PMI-ACP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try (Test Prep series) by Andy Crowe ?
1000+ PMI-ACP Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions ?

5. Take and pass the PMI?ACP Exam. Good Luck!
1 reply by Catherine Kolecki-Collins
Sep 16, 2016 10:02 AM
Catherine Kolecki-Collins
Thanks! Great information succinctly stated.

And be sure not to focus on software development only - ACP requires much more, also not only agile, but lean thinking.

Go with Markus' infos, very complete!

@William as stated by Markus the top 5 list is a good list. I would also recommend Mike's book as it covers all of the items at a high level. As Christina stated it does require a different thought process and thinking towards lean.

My study approach was as follows:

Read Mike G's book 5-7 times.
Read Mike Cohn's Books Estimating with Agile(once) and Succeeding with Agile (2 twice) btw, These books stay on bookcase in my office.
Read Lean-Agile Software Development (once)
Took the Practice Exam's from Mike's book until consistently scored 90+ percent

Going into the exam I had 4,000 + hours of agile exp. and I had gone through the CSM training course.

I feel confident in saying that if you are going to take the exam and want that information to be applicable go to a 3-day CSM course. Since most instructors /coaches run the course as a Agile/Scrum environment it will put you in the mindset to take the exam.

As stated above, The exam is about the mindset or "thinking" agile. That is a key to being successful on the exam.

Good Luck!

Hi Bill,

I second your thoughts. Classroom training is the best. But if it is not available at your location, then you can go for instructor-led online class.

You can check classroom training from Christopher Scordo's co. ( ). If they are conducting a class at your location, you can go for it. You can check their schedule here -

In case you decide to go for an instructor-led online training then, you can check Simplilearn's course. It is substantially cheaper and currently they are offering 15% discount on Flexi Pass -

If you decide to go for a virtual online class, you can look at the following options:
1. Agile prepcast - This is the best in the segment and currently they are offering 10% discount ( )
2. Joseph Phillips course on Udemy - Joseph Phillips is an indutry renowned author. Lifelong access to his course is currently available for only $15. Even if you decide to invest in some other course, then also you can buy this one - you will get lifelong access to extra study material for only $15 ( )

All the best.

Thank you everyone for your responses and information related to the PMI-ACP certification. I am looking forward to starting the process and achieving the certification but more importantly, learning more about Agile.

Thank you again!

1 reply by Praveen Malik
Sep 19, 2016 9:36 PM
Praveen Malik
Good luck.
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