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Certifying as a PMI-ACP.

Have Project Managers had success with self (online Agile training classes) or obtained better results from attending in-person classes? I am interested in certifying as a PMI-ACP. I attended a 4 day boot camp for the PMP in the past and did well. I always like the opportunity to ask questions in an instructor led class.

Thank you for your input.

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Learning about agile or about agile software Development? It is one dar from the other. And by the way, certification will not helo to learn something to you.

Sep 16, 2016 9:05 AM
Replying to William Barbieri
Thank you everyone for your responses and information related to the PMI-ACP certification. I am looking forward to starting the process and achieving the certification but more importantly, learning more about Agile.

Thank you again!

Good luck.

Seema, great find... thx for sharing.

William did you pursue the PMI-ACP? These are some good reference material and suggestions presented here.

I preferred and did my training online since I needed a self-paced training due to schedule-restraints. But that's just me. It depends on how you learn, some people like to have an in-person training because it's more interactive.
I took my online training from Career Academy (, they also have an exam prep. The price is just right ($99) so I wasn't hesitant to sign up and am glad I did.

Online vs Classroom depends on individual preferences and comfort.

I personally like Online because I can learn on my own phase and schedule, I believe there is no unanswered questions in internet so can get answers to questions while preparing....

Good luck....

Hi All.

I am preparing for PMI ACP exam and planning to sit by first week of july.
Any pointer for exam( types of questions, any simulator i can use to prepare (apart from prepcast)) will be really helpful?


I was one of the first to obtain the certification in the whole world (according the PMI the fist one in LATAM). But it only matter regarding at this time there is not courses or preparation exam guides. Now, I am working with the PMI in the group of quality assurance for exam certification questions. Let me say: you do not need a course. What you need is to take into account the list of recommended reading because PMI-ACP is a generalistic certification. But it could be true if you have the needed experience working into Agile environments with the top seminal methods, DSDM, XP, SCRUM, TDD. For example you will find different definitions for sprint duration in those methods where spint is used.

Sep 13, 2016 2:04 PM
Replying to Muhammad Kashif
I am planning for ACP exam as well, i always prefer online training due to flexibility and you can proceed at your own pace , for regular instructor led training it is very hard for me to follow due to busy schedule.
I am too planning for PMI-ACP. Do you have someone material for study? What online course do you recommend?

The class I enrolled in was given access to materials. That site offers online classes and study materials.
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