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Certifying as a PMI-ACP.

Have Project Managers had success with self (online Agile training classes) or obtained better results from attending in-person classes? I am interested in certifying as a PMI-ACP. I attended a 4 day boot camp for the PMP in the past and did well. I always like the opportunity to ask questions in an instructor led class.

Thank you for your input.

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Sep 15, 2016 7:45 AM
Replying to Markus Kopko, PMP
I am also a fan of online courses so i am allowed to learn on my own speed and when and wherever i want.
But a live class could also be very benefitial.

I would recommend this online course:

Agile Prep Cast:

you may try it for free here:

Free Agile PrepCast:
Those courses are fantastic for any of the PMI certifications he does. I used him for my PMP. He does well slowing things down piece by piece.

For the PMP exam, I found a boot camp to be very helpful to augment my study of the PMBOK. The PMI-ACP Exam is a bit different. Yes, there is the entire body of Agile with which to become familiar but there is more of a mindset being tested in this exam. Understanding how agile differs from waterfall will carry you a long way in being able to zero in on the correct answer. You don't want to sit for the exam without gaining the breadth of what's in the framework, but this one seemed more oriented towards the application of the framework, than memorizing all of the information required for the PMP certification.
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