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Health environment and Safety - Effctive Tool in protecting human values in project implementaion
Any accident / incident due to Safety violation in projects have its own repurcasions and impact the project outcome. Only a farction of time is required to use PPEs during project execution , but most of the time the ignornace causes loss of human value.

Educating people in the project for effective implementation of safety , Health and environment is the responsibilty of all stakeholders.

For Project success,effective implementation of HSE and adherence to the laid down policy to be preached from top to bottom in the Organaization hieracrchy .

Suggection is that the PMBOK guide shall introduce HSE (Health , Safety & environment as one of the Knowledge area which will help all PMs in implemenation of HSE in Projects with due care and attention.
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I totally support this and Ive addressed this issue to PMI earlier and their response was that they have other priorities to add to the book but will look into it.
For people like me that have been part of project where this type of things have to be taking into account is not new. This is part of quality, a new project management KA is needed inside the PMBOK. Safety is a non-functional requirement into each product so it is part of quality, considering product and project quality attributes. In fact, project quality has to be defined from product quality, which is ofter missing. So, we do not need any other KA.

This might apply to projects other than construction projects. In construction projects, we always do Safety Management Plan like any other management plan and safety is not considered as part of the quality and the safety management plan is an essential part of the Project Management Plan.

Since the PMBOK is a general guide for all sorts of projects then from my point of view and line of business, it is essential to add this KA as a separate Knowledge Area.

Safety has to do with people health, well being on site, and so on.
Rami: what I stated is not for construction project, it is for any type of projects. No special KA is needed. I was involved in project where human being safety was a must. So, it is a matter of product quality that will determine the project quality activities for any type of project.
Hi all, I am more in line with the thinking that HSE should be considered in all projects but not necessarily be taken as a Knowledge Area.
I guess one difficulty of putting HSE as a Knowledge Area is that it depends a lot on that countries legislation. For example, wearing seat-belt or not in a vehicle is different in practice in different countries, let alone other industrial regulations that need to be considered in a project.

The intention to generate the question is that Health, safety and environment is applicable to all walks of life and projects and hence to be considered as important performance factor in terms of human capital invested in the project. It can be considered as quality issue as far as products are concerned whereas as a human capital investment is in discussion it refers to their safety, Health and surrounding environment to keep them fit. In a project whether it is construction or IT sector or any other service sectors the ignorance towards the HSE is a real issue and project outcome most of the time affected due to the same.
I am fully agree with Rami and also the suggestions were sent as part of recommendation to the draft exposures to PMBOK guide standards preparation to actively consider the introduction of HSE as acknowledge area in PMBOK Guide. A separate HSE section is available in the Construction Extension to PMBOK Guide standards. For wide spectrum of application and implementation of HSE in various sectors to improve human value, the in depth analysis of HSE is need of the hour, hence suggested to include as knowledge area in PMBOK.
I am not sure if it is really necessary to introduce HSE into PMBOK as an additional general KA. However, it exists as an additional KA in the Construction Extension.

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