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When a project is required to be interfaced with existing or other project, the scope definition of interface points shall be clearly defined. In most of the project the claims are arising out of the ambiguity in the scope of work at interface point. .

If two different schemes are dealt by different agencies and project deliverable is to be interfaced for successful project outcome, the scope of the interface part to be integrated with clear scope definition of the each stakeholder to avoid last minute confusion and abnormal claims due to time and cost factors.

Most of the project delays are due to ambiguity in scope definition at interface point. Lessons learned archives will help in address this issue and as well as PM should address this issue in the initiation process itself to avoid claims and delays in project outcome.

One suggestion is that when two projects are to be interfaced both the PMs / PMO should integrate and co-ordinate the interface aspect.
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I somehow agree with you but this issue mainly will be addressed during the planning process.
First of all, you have two types of scope: product scope and project scope. Project scope is about activities needed to comple the product scope. So, you as project manager are not in charge of product scope definition. That is the answer to your question.
Agree with Sergio.

As far as product scope is concerned it can well be integrated . As far as project scope is concerned the problems are always exist. For example in infrastructure projects the interface is very much to be addressed b as different stakeholders are involved and projects are identified separately.
In a construction of Transmission line projects, the Transmission line construction is under one project scope and substation construction scope as another project. For effective flow of power the transmission lines are to be integrated with sub station grid . As separate scope are in place for the projects , the interface scope to be addressed meticulously with clear responsibility. Hence either at initiation or planning stage the PMS if both the projects to address this issue for successful project outcome. Any missing link in scope definition may result into in to time and cost overruns as well as additional claims.

Hence in multiple projects the interface scope to be well defined to reduce the additiomal claims .

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