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Autotask vs Project Server as PMIS System

I have been asked to evaluate a Project Management Information System for my organization. We are a consulting group that manages software engagements for customers. We have used Project Server up to this point and has a lot of existing features and functionalities that I have enjoyed working on. Management is interested in Autotask. I have looked into this some what and can't find too much on it.

Any thoughts on these applications? Is there one that you prefer over the other?
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First question, what is the driving business need to look into the change if Project Server is currently a working solution? The requirements should drive the tool needed to fill any gaps.

With that said, I have not actually heard of Autotask before. Interesting product. Have you considered O365, with Project Online?

Keep us posted on your identification and vetting process. I'm sure it will be interesting for many of us here.

I think if you are looking for scheduling tools, there are plenty on the market such as PMWeb, Project Online, Oracle Project to name a few. However, before selecting any tools, it would be best for you to define your requirements first and then proceed with the selection process.

Thank you both for your feedback. We are currently using Project Server and looking at transitioning it to the cloud. I have an internal stakeholder that is making us look at AutoTask. I went back to my original requirements that we used for Project Server and updating them with AutoTask to show the value that it (Project Server) brings. I am trying to get more requirements from this stakeholder on why he thinks we should switch applications, what wanted to see what the community thought.

As reference, AutoTask is a Professional Services tool that links support, project, and customer tracking together in one system. From what I can tell it does the support and customer relationships very well.

Hello Matthew. What was the result from your requirements as it relates to AutoTask? Did our organization switch?

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