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The Construction Extension to the PMBOK Guide 3rd Edition has just been launched. Do you think it is a useful tool?
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Hi Fabio,

I tired to check if I can download this guide but I did not find a PDF Version. Usually, PMI Members can download the PDF copy of the books for free.

Were you able to find the downloadable version ?
Good question, Rami!

Here is the road map: enter; then click on PMBOK Guide & Standards - Foundational Standards - PMBOK Guide. A page will open with the guide at the center, and on the right side you will find all the available extensions: construction is the second one. Click there and you will see two options: one for purchasing and one for downloading the complimentary member copy.

Here is the link:

Good reading!
The construction extension to PMBOK Guide is very useful for construction professionals as this extension standard covers all aspect of construction management. Specific references to claim management and HSE are very useful to understand the impact of claims and safety issues in construction projects.
This is yet another great effort from PMI.

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