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Topics: Consulting, Leadership, Strategy
Digital Transformation: My Version

Transform Customer Experience:

Improve Customer Understanding with Analytics – customer behavior, segmentation
Enhance Top-Line Growth with digital products like smart Phone, iPads, real time predictive marketing
Digitized Customer Touch Points – Social media analytics to answer complaints, self service via Apps, increased multi-channel usage
Transform Operational Processes:

Process Digitization with automation, adding new features
Staff Enablement with virtualization of work space working anytime, anywhere
Performance Management decision making based on data with deeper insights into Customers, Products, Regions
Transform Business Models:

Digitally Modified Businesses – augment physical with digital offerings, share contents across organization
Introduce New Digital Businesses – Nike introduced fuel bands
Digital Globalization – use of Global shared services to promote efficiency, from multi-national to global presence

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It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago.

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