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Cloud Deployment - Strategy

Is your #cloud deployment strategy working? #DigitalTransformation
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Cloud is a great option and keeps you connected everywhere and so is Drop Box.

It is, and saving us tons of money in the process. Just make intelligent decisions about what can move and what you will lose letting someone else manage the infrastructure.

Cloud is working! Man we're selling it, so it better be. :-). Cloud works but ... let's get things clear first: what do you mean with Cloud: Pay as you Use, Hardware Renting, Software as a Service, just Dropbox ... Clearly, from an user point of view Cloud takes away the hurdles as Tobe is saying, from a manager point of view, it might require reviewing your current architecture and from a provider point of view, it is a must have service in the offer portfolio.

Yes it is.

@Paul: Nice definition of Cloud

The sky is the limit (or is it the cloud?) :-)

Cloud infrastructure is, at its root, about transferring risk. You are making someone else responsible to keep hardward, software and services up and running.

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