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What happen with update PDU to my account?
Since 23 sep. My PMI account can't auto update PDU when I was read the vedio.
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It takes a while (around 2 to 3 weeks) for PDUs to auto update. If it doesn't after that, contact the customer support. Also, you need to watch the videos in its entirety for the PDUs to be recorded properly. I hope you have done that.
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To clarify, were the PDU's approved, but not applied.

If so, contact PMI support, They even have a chat feature. There could be various reasons, triangle category satisfaction, a refreshed cycle ....

Take a few minutes, and contact PMI. Good Luck
Yes, this is strange. If you did watch a webinar then those PDU's should have been credited by now. As my fellow colleagues mentioned, contact PMI Support.
Me too facing the same problem now. My PDU's approved but not applied.
I just finished watching the webinar Building bridges between people but when I tried to provide a comment or put in the scrambled text at the bottom of the page, my cursor just automatically returned to the top of the page like it does when no pdus have been assigned to the webinar. How do I get my pdu?

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