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Graduate certificate or Masters Degree?
I work for a global IT company and I have the opportunity to move into project management later this year. While I wait for the position I want to continue my studies of PM. I have an MBA and I want to know from all you PMP's should I focus on a graduate certificate from Villanova University or go for a Masters in Project Management? Need only 5 classes at the grad school I found.
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John, go for the Masters In PM, degrees are ALWAYS worth a lot more than a certificate on a resume

I have a MBA as well and was looking to do the same thing. GO for the Masters! Were are you thinking about gaining the masters in project management. I looked at the masters from Devry but when it was all said and done...ready to start it went from 5 classes to 9 classes. That was too much for another masters.


I have both an MBA & MSPM. Working as a project management consultant I have benefited in gaining client buy-in & support have their confidence and I contribute a lot of this to the fact that I have a Masters' Degree in Project Management. Not only does this give you their respect, but also increases your marketability in the field. Clients want the best of the best and this gives you that edge that not a lot of people have.

I have only a high school diploma but at least I have the ability to use proper English which is more than I can say for some people who post here. I'm sure you can create a great spread sheet but if you can't write a simple letter or e-mail (or posting in this matter) you will look like an idiot. Check your spelling and grammer next time Greg.

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