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Productive time of day?
Whats your most productive time of day?
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Late Evening
Early morning!
If it is work related, it is morning for me. However, for all the non-work related activities it is evening.
Usually in the morning. Perhaps it would be best to create a poll instead of a Q&A topic?
1 reply by Anupam
Oct 12, 2016 12:41 PM
I agree with Eduard. It will be best to create a poll considering different Time Zones.

My work starts at ET (Eastern Time).
While it is morning for others, it will be evening for me :D
Morning and late afternoon, after the post-lunch fog.
Early morning--before anyone else is in the office
Early Mornings are the best time to concentrate.
Early morning for me as well.
Morning but after two coffees, and late afternoon when there aren't users around.
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