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What are the top 3 metrics to measure the effectiveness of Project Management practices?
Project Management effectiveness
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Effectiveness: doing the right thing.
Efficiency: doing things right.

If the question is about effectiveness, then the answer has to be about reaching project goals. By and large, these goals will revolve around scope and quality.

if the question is about efficiency, then the answer has to be about reducing waste. By and large, these goals will revolve around time and money.
You answer is inside the project management term definition. As you know, if you follow the PMI´s definition, is "the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements". So, you are talking about to meassure people (project manager) performance. Key here is to determine the "project requirements" for each project you are running inside your organization. And pay careful attention between the hugh difference that exists between product requirements and project requirements. You, as project manager, are in charge of project requirements.
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