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Got the PMP... What Next?

How and why managers keep developing themselves? please explain in brief what is in your mind
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Development of self is necessary to keep oneself updated with changing world else slowly you become irreverent, very classical example computers just 25 years back who could not learn computer or ignored, they went out of profession. With time efficiency & speed of doing work is increasing day by day due to new technologies, methods, tools & technique. Updation is required to understand them and use them in practice. By updating themselves profession raise higher the ladder.

Change is inevitable. Adapt the change or be extinct with time. You need not be manager always. It's the self desire to learn, excel, and grow. It’s the time of continuous learning, and giving back to the profession & community.

How the managers develop themselves depends on the nature of their work.
For example it could be done through for example training courses, certain academic degree.
Why: In order to provide the desired level of performance within fast moving world and market the manager should be able to adapt themselves to these changes and be able to move their organization and team forward.

Thanks all for your interventions, It's true what you have stated above. it has to be a target for every manager to keep care about his continuous knowledge. Knowledge has no age and no limits...

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"There is not one wise man in 20 that will praise himself."

- William Shakespeare



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