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Is there someone working with sustainability, project, program and portfolio management integrated?
I´d like to know experiences joining those concepts in organizations.
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Did anyone reply offline? I am interested in the responses; however, i have little to offer. I am interested because I teach project management part time and have been asked to engage in an initiative of 1. Learning about sustainability and 2. Integrating it into my class.
I'd recommend contacting Rich Maltzman - as per his bio "I've been in industry for 39 years and focused on project management (PM) for the past 29 of those years. Most recently I've been focused on the intersection of PM and sustainability. By that, I mean being a disciple for the impact that project managers can have on the long-term success of their enterprise, and yes, altruistically on the long-term 'success' of our planet and on social systems - so that's the Triple Bottom Line."

Rich is available on LinkedIn - not sure how active he is in this community...
Like Steven, I am interested in learning more about sustainability. In my case, it is simply to satisfy my curiosity.
I am. Take a look to GPM Our "core" is PMI but we are integrating some ideas and methods from GPM because one of the drivers into the company where I am working today is sustainability.

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