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Will High performance data #analytics increases sales force efficiency in any industry. #DigitalTransformation

Hey Mihir. I read a few different questions in there:
  • Must data analytics be high performance to be effective?

  • Does data analytics increase sales force efficiency?

  • What industries' can have its sales force efficiency improved?

In the first case, performance is very subjective. Sufficient performance is enough for effective data analytics.

As for the second question, it revolves around the data you are analyzing. If your data lacks quality or is not analyzed correctly, you will not gain the insights necessary to improve efficiencies or effectiveness.

Finally, the answer to the third question would be that some industries invest and leverage business intelligence better than others. In some cases, it's due to the infrastructure capacity inherent to the industry (think IT, government, service companies). In other cases, business intelligence is required to reduce fraud (credit card companies, cell phone companies) or increase safety (construction, oil & gas, manufacturing.)

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