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Change management
Every Project has its unique challenges which come up during its various phases of implementation . Most of the time these challenges have to be met with out of the box thinking . A text book approach will not work rather we need an open and adaptable situation specific approach to achieve positive project outcomes.That is why Project management professionals are constantly adapting to new situations and open to new evolving ideas . that is why project management stakeholders are good change managers .

The concept of change management shall be looked into as a effective tool in improving the thought process of PMs and other stakeholders to achieve positive project outcome. It involves anticipating situations , preparing for them as also dealing with unforeseen situations , the bane of all projects , with the least possible impact on project timeline or outcomes.

As such no separate approach is required for changing peoples mindset except the quality of adapting to new ideas and adjusting to evolving situations during project life cycle.
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Yes, that's the core fact. Well narrated. Thanks for sharing.
Change management is a crucial partner to project management. I would love to see you do a blog on change management.
To implement and adapt changes in construction projects , the leadership skill of project manager is very much needed . He has to act as a effective change agent to educate and train the team members to accept the change environment to work as a team to achieve project outcome within project schedule time and cost.

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