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PMO or Project manager
According PMBOK standard's definition from PMO, an organization has just one mega project. Weather it's essential to have PMO or it can be done just by a project manager?
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The PMO really makes sense when you are handling multiple projects. If you have a mega-project, you should consider creating a project office (PO). The PO is in effect a single-project PMO.
It depends on the number of projects and complexity, requests for projects from multiple departments, etc.

For small projects it can be done by PM & the team.
Agree with Stephane. A PMO implemented at project level is Project office. The primary responsibilities of PO is to ensure project monitoring and control, implementation of organizational project management practices and reporting gaps to management.
For one project no need of PMO. You need to have competent PM and assistant PM for managing various functions like design, engineering, procurement , resourcing etc.
Thank you very much dear friends for your responses.
First, what is project management? What is the role of project manager? The answer will help you to understand that the role could be needed no matter the project (for example, people is performing project management is their daily life). Second, as any other thing inside an organization, to define the need of creating a business unit where some functions will be located (project management functions for example) is a matter of strategy analysis and architectural analysis. In fact, the fist question to answer during analysis, is if project management functions are needed.

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