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How to become a highly recognized PM in an organization?
I have taught International Project Management at Master level to students coming from different parts of the world for 14 years. They learn up-to-date project management practices based on the PMI framework and they learn actual PM behaviors by working on concrete projects from my international experiences in the IT industry.
But they need more. Each year some of them ask me the same question: "Knowing PM best practices and appropriate behaviors is OK, but how can we differentiate from other PMs to become highly recognized in the organizations we work for?"

I usually provide answers coming from my own experience:
- Obtain successful achievements with the demonstration you are objectives and results oriented,
- Manage your stakeholders and customers expectations to avoid their disappointment,
- Be open with your teams but drive them without any ambiguity: demonstrate strong leadership and decision-making
- Communicate honestly, accurately and in a timely manner regarding all the project events and status,
- Give visibility to your main actions and results,
- Anticipate, anticipate: apply risk management appropriately and secure stakeholders trust by providing accurate forecasts.

All these students and very junior practioners understand these advises. Of course this list is not exhaustive. What would be your best recommendations to junior PMs who want to be recognized as a "star" PM in their organizations?
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I recommend this webinar -
I think what you are teaching is perfect but in practical environment its very difficult to target to become star PM because it is subject to what your organization value and there is vast difference from organization to organization. So what I can suggest try to do something which your organization and bosses perceive as value.
I agree with you. Value and culture differ from organization to organization. This is part of understanding organization value and managing stakeholders expectations.
Philippe, Demonstrating expertise in each of the areas that you listed is extremely important to stand out as an exceptional PM. One more way of how you could set yourself apart from others is the way you give back to your community/organization by contributing in different ways. I believe in the philosophy, the more you give, the more you get to learn.
Good point. Giving back to the organization is extremely important to increase the PM visibility and trust.
New PM's should demonstrate expertise in the different KM areas, show commitment and passion about what they do and above all, sense of ownership for what they do.
Great, Rami. Sense of ownership is essential.Thank you.
1 reply by Rami Kaibni
Oct 17, 2016 12:02 PM
Rami Kaibni
Indeed it is - You're welcome Philippe.
Oct 17, 2016 11:50 AM
Replying to Philippe Schuler
Great, Rami. Sense of ownership is essential.Thank you.
Indeed it is - You're welcome Philippe.
I second Venkata Rama Satish Nyayapati, exceeding with respect to 'professional focus' is easy, but one should extend beyond the PM role. Commitment and demonstrated performance with respect to mentor-ship, internships, community & academic give-back, etc. all go a long way in enhancing reputation and individual value. On the professional front...always exhibit strategic mantra.
Thank you, Christopher. Commitment is indeed another keyword associated to great reputation.
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