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What skills do you really need to succeed?

The Feb 2011 PM Journal (the academic research arm of PMI) published a study of what IT leaders are actually looking for in technical project managers. The results may surprise you.

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Thanks for sharing this, Anupam!
1 reply by Anupam Ganguly
Oct 21, 2016 6:38 AM
Anupam Ganguly
You're welcome

Oct 21, 2016 2:46 AM
Replying to Venkata Rama Satish Nyayapati
Thanks for sharing this, Anupam!
You're welcome

Thanks for the share Anupam. I completely agree, and not surprised in the least.

Thanks for sharing Anupam. Sounds reasonable and the Cultural Fit is an interesting one.

Look at that: communication and leadership. No wonder I have been in Toastmasters for nearly ten years.

While I fully respect the PM Journal, you have to take any research looking the variables used for creating the research. That is not a meassure for something.

Thank you for sharing. It might be true technical skills and PMP certificates are not critical to deliver the success of the project but it should dependent on the application areas, sizes of projects, complexity of projects. If we see PMP certificate as a destination to reach, this rank might be correct. But if we see PMP certificate or study of PMP exam as a starting point it might be a totally different story.

To me 'Leadership' is a too vague a term to be placed in the skill set of a prospective managers. Leadership capability can't be judged in a couple of interactions rather leadership manifests itself when needed. It is something innate or embedded.

I'm very picky with graphics. Did you realize that "work history" don't have number?

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