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What if your boss is careless about the job?

How will you respond in this case?
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First have a informal discussion with him. If it doesn't work and if it is impacting your credibility or the projects you are working on then make it formal and try to have conversations more formally and explain the problems over mail.
As a last resort escalate it to senior management.

Bala, I had a very bad experience. Doing so I had to leave the project. I escalated it to senior management, and boss took it personal :(

You have no control over others; you can only control yourself and how you respond to others.

If you consider this is a problem then take care about a problem is a difference between reality as perceived and reality as desire. Then, you can work on perception or you can work on desire or you can work on the gap to solve the problem.

Which job? His job or your work? Or are you talking about company an team game?

I'd agree to be cautious taking it above your manager's head at least until you have had a conversation with him/her. I know of a situation where it has worked successfully but as Anupam said, it could also turn out really badly. You need to have real confidence in your senior team before choosing to do that.

I go with Anupam!!:)

Try to engage him, it could be his nature.

If boss is careless we must more careful about the job. Because in most cases we cannot able to control boss. If we are note careful at the final all the blaming will comes to our head

Matthew 7:5 might be apropos in this case...
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