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How to balance between client satisfaction & scope changing, clients are so demanding?
As we have been undertaking IT projects for more than 20 years now, one of our strength areas is the customization of our product as per the client needs.
Of course its not an open-end situation, its controlled by scope management and requirements management activities as well. However, client requirements still there at later stages of project. The question is, how to balance between one of your big values "customization" and controlling the scope ?
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One way to balance this is by reassessing the requirements so that client understands the scope of what they’re asking
You customize whatever is defined and take approvals from customer when some demonstrable part of job is over. This will help to increase efficiency of repeat works.
Is simple: the decision about all changes inside a project is responsability of the stakeholders. In your case, the clients. Project managers and project team has nothing to do about the decision. What they have to do is provinding all the information needed to decide about the change. Obviously, the information is about the impacts caused by the change and about time and cost to put the change in place.

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