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Reducing Premium Time in Hospital Departments
Hello everyone,
I'm looking into reducing some overtime and double time in the ED, ICU, and Med Surg. units in the hospital.
What are some of your best practices!
Thanks much for your time!
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Introduce an incentive scheme and release unproductive staff - This is the best way to deal with overtime.
This is a fairly loaded question and is dependent on your healthcare situation. In Canada -- Specifically Ontario, the best way to reduce costs is to reduce the number of people who access the ED.

To do this, you need to make Primary Care the access point to healthcare. Work with people on the social determinants of health and to keep them healthy and reduce the repeat offenders from going to the hospital. Avoid people from becoming patients.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim is a great strategy to use when working through this type of challenge.
First is overtime due to lack of sufficient personnel?
then add people.
If it is not the case find the source, unproductivity, need for training, more efficient equipment, unions .....

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