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Mark Langley - CEO of PMI and Ethics

In his recent video, Mark A. Langley - PMI President and CEO- links being a successful leader to ethical behavior. Among our four values, what do you think a leader should focus on, in order to allow team and supplier to perform at their best?
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Although our values: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty are complementary among each other, I do believe that Honesty is the fundation where other values are built.
But in the real world, responsibility is the value a project manager should focus on to assure good performance from the project team. Open and clear communication about targets,roles and limitations of responsibilty can pave a solid path in a project.

For those who have not yet seen the video, it may be directly viewed on PMI's YouTube channel here:, or on the PMI ethics website page here:


Thanks for sharing the video - Interesting.


As Nivaldo said, all values complement each other but it all starts with being honest and I agree with Mark, as 50% of work is ethics so to be a real successful leader, you need to have sound ethics.

Interestingly, according to statistics I have seen from PMI, the Code of Ethics value of honesty is the one that is associated with the largest number of formal PMI violations. Equally interesting is that honesty is the key component for trust; and without trust, ethics and leadership are lost. And, it turns out that according to research published in the Harvard Business Review, it is the small ethical honesty infractions that often lead to the big ethics violations. Here is a link:

This topic is really difficult to express my opinion because knowing Ethical behavior is not always the same thing as doing so in real project situations I face every day and because sometimes an ethical behavior itself requires its own responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty . One value alone among four values in Code of the Ethics and Professional Conduct can't stand separately unless it could occur in the very specific condition and limited time frame. They might be even challenging one another in many real project situations or decision makings. However one thing I can confidently say is that these four values well kept in every single project manager or project management community as a whole surely strengthen the value and needs for project management approach.

Hi Tony, thanks for sharing the link.

Paul, all four values are equally important for team success.
However, as Michael mentioned, it’s also hard to deny the fact.
Hi Tony,

Thanks for sharing the video link.

I think Honesty is one of the very important value that a leader should practice to perform at his/her best

They all go hand in hand but leader should demonstrate honesty with his team and supplier.

it seems that honesty really resonates for many of us as the most important ethical moral compass for us. I agree and believe that it is equally integral to our personal lives. To live with integrity and honesty always leads to better relationships and a better night of sleep.
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