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Tracking Costs through Schedule
Hi Folks, am a novice here so bear with me.

Have a team of approx 10 PM's who currently use MS Project for schedule.

They use a separate Excel sheet to track the estimated time spent per resources (and associated costs) and then use a separate Excel sheet to get the actual spend or time spent by team (BA's, Developers, Testers, PM's themselves).

Surely there is one package that can track and control this as progress is made on the project?

Note, we currently use JIRA (only within last 6 months) for task management. I am looking at Smartsheet to see if that is our solution to above?

One of the other benefits of Smartsheet from what I have seen thus far is the dashboards that I can give, which is especially handy when looking at Lorus of projects.

All advice and feedback very welcome.

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As long as you have work items created and your developers keep them up to date, you can use MS Project to calculate project budget usage in real-time. In MS Project you can see costs for tasks, resources, and assignments. You can also see the project cost, total costs and timephased costs..


You might like to have a look at PROJECT in a box. Which will do this for you.

You can collect the schedule info in our Planner tool, and record actuals against that including for fixed costs. All that can be done in the Free Planner as well as risk and issue management. to download it now.

If you then wanted to step up to our smallest commercial tool Small Team Edition (ÂŁ999) this will roll that data up for you at multi project groupings and also produce a range or reports. Notification engine also keep people in touch with the activities allocated to them in the plans etc.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for info guys
Thanks for info guys

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