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Topics: Agile, Legal Project Management
For somebody working in Agile Legal Project Management, would you recommend the PMI ACP or a specific Legal Project Management certification?
I may end up doing both but am curious what others think.
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That's a good question. See the objective / purpose of both, and relate to your requirements.
First, please let me say that "Agile Project Management" does not exists. What exists is project management performed inside agile environments which is not the same. PMI-ACP is a generalistic certification which is dificult to obtain if you do not have experience in working with agile software development methods. Why? for example, you will face questions about a topic that two different methods have defined in quit different way.
Legal project management is already being done using agile methods. The question was more to do with the quality of certification offered besides the PMI-ACP. Does anybody have an insight into other certification courses specific to Legal Project Management with an emphasis on Agile?


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