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Topics: Benefits Realization, Pharmaceutical, Risk Management
More NODs

I found the topics under PMUniversity "NODs" extremely useful. I would like to see and take up more of them if possible. I would like to have topics for NODs from Risk Management, Benefits Realization and Pharma areas. Please let know if you agree that we need more such topics and list out your areas of interest.
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Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

I totally agree with you Rajan. Ive also completed all available NODs since long time and found them very useful. Ive raised this issue before with PMI to add more and new topics because those have been there since a while.

Some interesting topics for me would be:

Emptional Intelligence
Cultural Differences
Project Procurement

I agree. I've had them on my "to do" list for a while and recently did several although I haven't yet finished them all (and credit for one seems to be hung up).

I like the topics proposed by Anupam and Rami. Like Julia, I'm working my way through the ones already there.

Thanks everyone. I hope PM.COM enhances the offerings.

I am also in the midst and is working on them.The NOD tracks are very useful and would like to have more on Risk Management and Compliance Management.

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