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Project Management and Bad Leadership Behavior

With the incredible pressures to get results under very challenging constraints, it's hard to lead with servant leadership. Bad behavior in project management is an issues everywhere.

I'm proud to have an article published in the United Arab Emirates national newspaper – the National Post.

It's about workplace bullying and how to deal with it. Workplace bullying is a global issue that is being talked about everywhere. The impact on our projects, people and organizations resonates from the bottom to the top. Let’s take a stance and stop workplace bullying!
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Bullying is real! Upper and lower levels of management must let this behavior. This should be addressed at the HR level before it trickles to the PM level.

I agree that workplace bullying is real and uncomfortable and demoralizing. Any chance you can post a link to the article? I would love to add it to my materials on the subject. Thanks.

Sorry for failing to include a link to the article or

Thanks Paul! Looking forward to reading and sharing it.

Great post :) Thank you for sharing it :)

Thanks Paul. "Don’t be afraid to confront bullies in the workplace". Not so easy to do!

Thank you @Paul for sharing. But as Mauro Sotille said, sometimes is not easy to do.

Misinterpretation of a ­"competitive workplace" in a BIG IT companies is common.

This is one of ethical issues we are facing everyday, which very few recognize the seriousness of bullying to team performance and whole organization's effectiveness and productivity in the long run. As Paul commented in his article, there might be many impediments to avoid workplace bullying. And it might be one of "Mission Impossible" things unless all participants or employees in an organization take this issue seriously.

Thank you everyone for your comments. You all quickly agree this is a serious global problem that causes many unexpected organizational impacts. And, as expected, some of you also acknowledged the challenges and barriers to speaking up or taking action against workplace bullying.

I believe that there are tools and strategies that assist with "the project" of dealing with workplace bullying. I speak about them in all my keynotes and presentations. There are also 2 webinars on that I provided on workplace bullying. They may be of assistance.

Hard things are never easy but with planning, careful evaluation, and strategy, I firmly believe that you have influence and you can take action to prevent, manage and eliminate workplace bullying. It won't happen in a day but you may be the courageous person that starts the movement.

Workplace Bullying is a very serious global issue, no questions asked. It not only affects the bullied person but the overall project performance at some point.

I like your article Paul and I agree with you. I remember we had a discussion earlier about the same subject. I worked in the Gulf for 7 Years (Qatar & Dubai) and noticed that Work Place Bullying there is way more than North America.

People who bully others should be sent for training.
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