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Imagine a PM Career for in Policing, Crime Scene Investigation and Legal PM

Happy to be a contributor to this cool Project Management Podcast Series. My interview focused on Project Management and Crime Scene Investigation, a topic that a regularly speak about at conferences. It opens our eyes to unexpected career opportunities in the project management profession. If you've ever wanted to do something truly out of the box and fascinating, this podcast may be of interest to you.

Here is a link to the podcast:
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Thank you for giving me an opportunity to think of using of project management approaches in CSI. I think it might one of revolutionary approaches to the CSI. However I am still confused with how to plan the activity resources and durations with such large amounts of uncertainties. Some might be endless efforts to be invested without specific end dates.

It makes a lot of sense:
* you have to manage the work and availability of human and physical resources
* you have to decide how far to take it
* you have to manage the various internal and external stakeholders

The big difference is that you do not know the result, other than in general terms, that your project will bring about.

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