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Are you interested in a PM career in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)?
Happy to be a contributor to this cool Project Management Podcast Series. My interview focused on Project Management and Crime Scene Investigation, a topic that a regularly speak about at conferences. It opens our eyes to unexpected career opportunities in the project management profession. If you've ever wanted to do something truly out of the box and fascinating, this podcast may be of interest to you.

Here is a link to the podcast:
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I personally love the CSI Field. It is very challenging and full of learning opportunities. I honestly wish I can one day engage in CSI Project Management.

Thanks for sharing this with us Paul. I also participated in a podcast with Kendall and hopefully it will be online soon. I will share it with the community as well.

Good Luck.
Wow, very interesting. I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing Paul.
Thanks for sharing Paul.

This is interesting, and something out of the way of typical PM job. Is it possible to share/post the case study of Air India disaster? Application of project management in the investigation?


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