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Project Manager competence and Career Path template structure

Does anyone have a template that provides a structure of competence against given PM roles, I can find APM versions but not many PMI version that range from JPM up to programme managers or Project Directors
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The lack of response is interesting to say the least, I will continue to search the internet and see if I can bring an old template i had from 2002 into a more modern alignment and share here but grateful if anyone does have a template career path or competence assessment against given roles, if they could share on here or provide a link to any internet based ones

These links may be of some help -

Thanks Anupam

I had seen some of these on my initial search and The NHS one (senprojmgr) is interesting but aligned to the APM model not PMI, transferable with a bit of work.

Please do share the template/ link. It's great to learn something new.

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