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Topics: Leadership
Leadership Webinar Nov-2016 - Everything I Learned about Leadership is from Volunteering - Peter Monkhouse
This is the official discussion thread for the webinar:Everything I Learned about Leadership is from Volunteering
Presenter: Peter Monkhouse
When: NOVEMBER 16, 2016 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
How do you become a good leader? PMI has recognized Leadership as one of the 3 dimensions of the project management talent triangle and PMI’s research is showing that leadership skills are important for project success. Certainly, there are tools and techniques that you can learn in classes that help develop your leadership skills, but nothing beats actually being able to practice the skills.

In this webinar, Peter will share his thoughts, based on over 20 years of volunteering, on key leadership skills that you can develop through volunteering and how you can transfer these skills your professional career.

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Questions raised in this webinar:
wael haddad: Question: The Leadership is all about influent the other and connect with them, so what is your strategy to influence other, i.e. how to be good influencer? and What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess? Thanks
Dennis Gene Jamieson: QUESTION: Do leaders have followers or do followers have leaders?
Mahmoud Othmane: QUESTION: some people say that leaders are born as leaders. But same say that leaders learn how to be leaders. I am with both sides. What do you see Peter?
Hamdy Alabbady: QUESTION : LEADERSHIP IS ART OR knowledge
Gerardo Gatchalian: QUESTION? How do you earn respect as a leader?
Venkatramvasi Mohanvasi: Question: Can an ordinary manager be a good leader?
Uchenna Ebilah: Question 1: Some people are born leaders and some need to develop that skill. What ways do you recommend we can NATURALLY develop as leaders?Question 2: In volunteering as a Project Manager for a functional (non-profit) organization, how do you overcome the challenges of being hindered in an environment that is EXTREMELY laid back?
Mahmoud Othmane: QUESTIONS: So Boss does not = leader all the time ?
Avinash Vyas: Need to identify common interest to motivate others, is to true?
Mukesh Sainani: Are leaders mainly coming from Upper or Lower income class?. Are there challenges for middle class income category who are busy strugling with their daily chores?.
Venkatramvasi Mohanvasi: Question: did you experience a situation where you were manager in your organization but a leader in the volunteering areas.
wael haddad: Question: What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?
Isaac Oyebanji: Question: Is is possible to be a leader and a manager on the same role and the same organisation
Ramesh Soni: What are qualities / characteristics of good leader
Santhi Chitturi: Thoughts on Lead by example?
Dennis Gene Jamieson: Are there other views of leadership that we should consider? I think other communities have different ways of leadership.
Dennis Gene Jamieson: QUESTION: Is leadership driven top-down or bottom-up?
Dennis Gene Jamieson: Are we stuck in a pardigm of a white, male, able-bodied view on leadership? Is there a community-centric view of collaborative leadership that we can explore?
MARIA T MATA-SIVERA: QUESTION - Do you think that involvement in volunteer oportunities is something cultural? Example here in USA my team or boss push me to do volunteer oportunities in Europe they wanted that I focused in my work. Also in Europe no hiring manager asked my about volunteer oportunities and in USA always.
Ali Gokce Yasar: QUESTION: What and how may you suggest about procedures (and relevant delegation of work) which are supposed to assure safe progress. Meanhile, how to solve the problem of record keeping while works are ongoing fast and furious?
Ramesh Sharma: QUESTION: Please coment on this thought: Making yourself redundant in your current position is seen as negative by many individuals. However, this enables you to move forward and no leave a hole or gap behind. Over a period of time this becomes very visible about you and everyone around you notices that we shared and developed others…
Joseph Bawolek: QUESTION: How do you suggest we provide constructive criticism for work you delegate without appearing to be punitive or discouraging?
Avinash Vyas: Can volunteer really delegate work? or they are performing delegated work?
JEAN VOLCY: Question- In your experience, have you found it easier to reolve conflict when you help the volunteers to remove themselves from the picture and to see the big picture, i.e. remembering why they are there in the first place?
Pooja Sethi: Question : Micromanagers have trust issues most of the times, Any suggestion for those ?
RICARDO IVAN PELCASTRE AVILA: QUESTION: how do you deal with reluctant people for leadership?
Sebastian Richard Danful: Question:Hi Peter,I have learnt recently that 'we represent/model our leadership'. That is, most often than not our leadership depends on our personalities. What's your take on this?
Dennis Gene Jamieson: What do we say about the role of a leader to make more leaders?
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Hello, thank-you for your interest in my webinar. I look forward to continuing the discussion with you in this blog.

Hello Peter and thank you for sharing your experience. I am looking forward to the webinar
Hello Peter. Looking forward to attend your webinar
Thanks Peter for this session.

Riyaz Majeed
Looking forward to attending this webinar.
This is cool. Thanks Peter.
Thanks Peter for this session I am looking for discussion on the blog & during presenations
Thanks Peter. Great Introduction and Nice start. A great topic indeed.
First of all thanks for sharing, my Question is:
The Leadership is all about influence the other and connect with them, so what is your strategy to influence other, i.e. how to be good influencer? and What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess? Thanks
Thanks Peter for this session
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