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What is the greatest lesson (or one of them) you have learned as a project management professional?

It took me years to understand why on my first project as a project manager we succeeded. I had no experience as a manager so I decided to be honest, open-minded and specially to ask my team every single question I had so I could learn from their experience. We enjoyed and achieved every single goal on that project. Years later, reflecting on why we succeeded on that unforgettable experience I finally realized the importance of making people feel they really matter and in that working enviroment we as a team and individually can make a big difference as we did. The day I understood that lesson, my life started to change more than ever.

Please could you tell us about any great lesson in your career? Thank you so much.
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If you fail to communicate, you will eventually communicate your failure...
George Lewis

One of my lessons learned is similar to an old adage from the Confucian Ideas which is "firstly cultivate your morals, secondly well manage your household and then rule a nation".

And it is "cultivate your morals, know well your team and stakeholders, effectively develop and manage your team as a cohesive whole and stakeholders' engagement, and then manage your project".

Always Delegate - One man shows never works while Team Work Works.

One of the best things you can ask someone is: "what do you think?"

Be connected, and trust the team

Rather than completely depending on self learning , learn from the experiences of other people.

Always, always treat people with respect, even if they don't deserve it.

I learned one thing apart from communication, skills, risks etc....Continuous evolution of your plan. You can not just say it is good till your project ends.

It is very difficult to succeed unless every member of the team understands the goals and objectives of the project. The understanding will align the team to produce the outcome in a very effective way.

Set target, communicate target, measure target and apply corrective actions, will lead to achieve your project objectives.
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"Experience is a comb which nature gives to men when they are bald."

- Chinese Proverb