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Best way to initiate a PMO in big industry

I received the demand to implement a PMO in a big industry.

how could I start? How could I deal with senior managers establishing this new methodology?

Thank you

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First of all you should identify which situations a PMO would solve for them, so you can concentrate on these specific roles for your PMO. Lack of knowledge on managing projects? Repeating errors all over again? Lack of reliable status information? Useless procedures? You have a plenty of possibilities to get their support beyond "the top boss say to implement the PMO".
Hello Enjo,

this is a huge project on its own and you should exactly treat it like this. With all the phases and processes a project does have usually.
And you should be clear about the fact that this is more a marathon than a sprint and it has a lot to do with politics in your organization.
So you better have strong supporters for this undertaken in your senior management and also hopefully the needed bottom up support at least from your project managers in your organization.
From the technical view you should do a "PMO" search here at and you will find a ton of whitepapers, templates and plans which could support you.

All the best.

You may find this useful -
Be sure to focus yourself on process over tools. A lot of times people trying to start a PMO try to hammer down the tool to organize with first (MS Project, JIRA, TFS) and force people into them rather than coming up with the process and workflows. Figure out what value a PMO will have to your company and shape your planning based on that. "How do you want things to work?" is the question to ask before "What do we need to make it happen?" - This approach lets you demonstrate the value of a PMO to key decision makers early in the process which will increase buy in.
No matter the size of the industry you need to undertand that the reason to create a new business unit is to solve a business problem. You need to perform an enterprise analysis understanding the strategy. Functions are the mean the organization answer to environmental stimulus. When you decide the functions (project management in this case) then you will decide where to locate them (for example in a new business unit named PMO). Here comes the link to an article that I wrote time ago and was considered by PMI and IIBA as "best practice". Perhaps it helps:
Setting up a PMO in an organisation, depends on the Assessment that should be run prior to setting up PMO.

Presuming, that Project Management exists in an organisation, setting up a Portfolio management process will ease the PMO set up.

Presuming , project management does not exist, i would suggest, introduction of Project Management through guided framework, knowledge module, methodology, processes, guidelines, templates, etc, and set the formation of PMO as an advanced deliverable on a Maturity Plan. The step up process will lay the foundation for formation of PMO and when you hit all the Maturity plans, your PMO will be self-defined, which then requires formal set up of PMO

First question -

Does this large business require a PMO?
Everyone has really good advice in their replies and the question is really far too big to give a full answer in the space provided so I will just give two tips: 1) Treat it as a change management exercise
2) Start by figuring out exactly what outcomes you want this PMO to achieve, get agreement in writing from all stakeholders and then prioritize what you can achieve given constraints of time and resources.

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