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Post-Secondary Education

I recently transitioned out of the military, and I'm now looking to get my foot in the door in IT. However, I'm finding that having a BA and worked in a decidedly "low tech" environment for the past several years is making that exceedingly difficult.

My question is, in order to obtain a job as an IT PM, would it better to pursue a MBA with a specialization in information security management, or get a MS in a field such as cyber security?

Any advice that you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Brian,

Well, frankly speaking, higher education will give you a foundation but in order to become a PM in IT, I believe you need the practical experience but if you are willing to take it one step at a time, then definitely education is the first step.

I noticed that you have your PMP which is a great asset for what you are looking for. As a PM, you do not need to be involved technically in all aspects so if you have the PM experience even though it was in a different environment, you should be able to manage other projects.

Just my two cents & Good Luck.


Hello Brian,

MS is well suited for those interested in analytical & technical domain, while MBA for those having aptitude for entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

You have to carefully take decision. Do self-appraisal, and look for the area of interest and your liking. Do not end up studying something that becomes archaic, and will not help in securing job.

Good Luck!!
Hello, Brian Cain, I am replying too late almost is has done a whole year when you posted this question I hope so you have got the answer of your question. But still, I am interested in giving the answer to your question because it can be possible that there are more people who have the same question and looking for the answer. I think you should take a decision carefully if you have an interest in IT sector so must work for it but your field of interest is everything otherwise you have to face problems while working. At my office where we offer assignment assistance there is and also an IT department they work in a pressure and have more responsibilities as compare to other departments. But your interest can make your work easier and simple so don’t and worry go ahead for what you like.

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